6-7ft (182-213cm) Non-Drop Nordmann Fir Tree

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Bring a beautiful Nordmann Fir Christmas tree into to your home this year with its soft pine needles and gorgeous aroma, a fresh cut Nordman Fir never fails to bring a festive feel to your home.

First grade indicates that this tree has been selected to be top of the range. Factors such as shape, size and density of branches are all taken into account for first grade trees. First grade trees are of superb quality and you can always count on un-netting a quality tree! 

How to care for your tree:

1. Leave Your Tree Outside Until You Are Ready To Bring It Indoors.

When you bring your tree home, simply remove or leave it in it's netting outside. When outside, douse the tree with either a hose or bucket of water to ensure it stays cold and damp until you are ready to bring it indoors.

2. Cut Approximately 3cm Off The Bottom Of The Trunk

Just before you bring your tree indoors, cut approximately 3cm or 1 inch off the bottom of the trunk. This will ensure your tree has a fresh draw for water absorption. Your tree can drink up to 1 litre of water per day, so be sure to have purchased a stand which holds lots of water.

3. Keep Away From Heat Sources

Position your tree away from heat sources such as radiators and open fires. The cooler you are able to keep your Christmas tree the better as it will help with needle retention and keep the tree looking fresh throughout the festive season. 

4. Top Up Your Tree With Water When Needed

Ensuring your tree is topped up with water daily is a key step in prolonging the life of your Christmas tree. As mentioned before, your tree can drink up to a litre of water per day, so be sure to monitor your trees water level throughout the festive season.

You can see the full helpful guide on how to care for your tree through the link below:

https//: How to care for your Christmas tree 

About Nordmann Fir Trees

The Nordmann Fir is the UK's most popular Christmas tree! This type of tree is known as the 'non-drop Christmas tree' as it has the ability to hold its needles throughout the festive season! Its large but soft needles make it a safe and ideal tree for households with young children or pets! The Nordmann's strong branches are perfect hanging heavy ornaments or baubles.

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