How To Care For Your Christmas Tree

How to care for your Christmas tree

So you have just picked your perfect Christmas tree, you will want to ensure your tree stays fresh throughout the festive season. Proper care for your tree is easy and can be the fine difference between it looking fresh and healthy or sad and bare. Here are the easy steps you should take when looking after your Christmas tree this festive season.

Important information about before buying a real tree:

  • Your tree has an indoor lifespan of 3-4 weeks, and is dependant upon temperature and watering conditions.
  • All Christmas trees are cut around mid to late November, so it doesn't matter when you buy your tree however the best shapes & sizes are always the ones to sell out first. (You can store your tree outside before bringing it indoors to extend it's life)
  • Don't over pay! Make sure you know what grade of tree you are buying, the best looking trees are usually first grade trees which are graded by factors such as shape, and density of branches giving the perfect Christmas tree look. 


How to care for your tree: (Based on a Christmas Trees 3-4 Week lifespan)

1. Leave Your Tree Outside Until You Are Ready To Bring It Indoors.

> When you bring your tree home, simply remove or leave it in it's netting outside. When outside, douse the tree with either a hose or bucket of water to ensure it stays cold and damp until you are ready to bring it indoors.

Fact: You can leave your tree outside indefinitely and it will still be looking fresh until spring!


2. Cut Approximately 3cm Off The Bottom Of The Trunk

When you are ready to bring your tree indoors, cut approximately 3cm or 1 inch off the bottom of the trunk. This will ensure your tree has a fresh draw for water absorption. Your tree can drink up to 1 litre of water per day, so be sure to have purchased a stand which holds lots of water.

You can see all our tree stands through this link here:

Fact: A cut Christmas tree is like having a bunch of cut flowers. Water is key to keeping your tree and flowers fresher for longer.


3. Keep Away From Heat Sources

> Position your tree away from heat sources such as radiators and open fires. The cooler you are able to keep your Christmas tree the better as it will help with needle retention and keep the tree looking fresh throughout the festive season. 

Fact: Nordmann Fir trees are the UK's most popular indoor Christmas tree as they offer excellent needle retention which are soft making it the safer choice for children and pets. The Nordmann's strong branches are perfect hanging heavy ornaments or baubles.


4. Top Up Your Tree With Water When Needed

> Ensuring your tree is topped up with water daily is a key step in prolonging the life of your Christmas tree. As mentioned before, your tree can drink up to a litre of water per day, so be sure to monitor your trees water level throughout the festive season.

Fact: When a Christmas tree is cut over half its weight is from the water inside the trunk and branches.