Large Standard Olive Trees (110cm)

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Olives are evergreen trees that will add a Mediterranean touch to the garden. They are suited to garden or container cultivation, and may produce fruit in mild regions and warm summers in the UK.

Features of Olive tree

  • Evergreen
  • Hardy
  • Topiary
  • Produces Olives
  • Low maintenance
  • Perfect for sunny spot.

If you have a protected city garden or live in a mild area, olives can be grown outdoors as long as you give them a sunny position and plant them in well-drained soil - for example, against a warm wall would be ideal. 

Once established they are extremely drought-tolerant, but plants will do better if watered regularly in dry spells during the growing season. To encourage strong growth, it’s a good idea to feed each spring with a general fertiliser.

Olives naturally shed their older leaves in spring (April in the UK) as new growth begins.

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