Nationwide Shipping Information

We offer nationwide delivery on a range of items across our website. Unfortunately due to the nature of some items and plants it may not be possible for us to ship nationwide at this current time and will be limited to local delivery with our own van only. Find out local delivery information here.

In this section you will find:

  • 1. Shipped plants
  • 2. Kerbside Pallet Delivery
  • 3. Standard Item Delivery
  • 4. Garden Planters
  • 5. Kerbside Pallet Shipping Important Details
  • 6. Collection and Shipping Times

1. Shipped Plants

Available on an expanding range of our plants currently.

  • 1-3 Day Express Working Day Delivery: £6

(Live plants must be shipped on a 24h courier service)

2. Kerbside Pallet Delivery

Available for large and bulky items such as trees, large quantity shrubs such as laurel hedging, Kiln Dried firewood log nets and large pots etc...

  • 1-3 Day Working Day Priority Service: FREE 

(If you require delivery on a specific day, please get in contact with us: 07535 413 113)

3. Standard Item Delivery

Items such as Weedkillers, Bird Feed/Feeders, Garden Tools, Empty Hanging Baskets etc...

  • 2-4 Day Working Day Delivery: £6

Some specialty items (Logs, wicker baskets) may be offered with free 2-4 Working Day Delivery delivery which will be stated in the product description)

4. Garden Planters 

Any of our garden planters on our website.

  • 2-4 Working Day Delivery: £9.99 Per Planter
  • 1-3 Working Day Delivery: £14.99 Per Planter

(There are many more costs involved when shipping pots as they must be adequately protected with excess packaging to ensure they can travel across the country with no damage during transit)

5. Kerbside Pallet Shipping Important Details

Pallet shipping is not like standard shipping. Pallet delivery will arrive in a large 18 ton, 35ft lorry and is strictly kerbside. At point of delivery it is imperative that you inspect your items before the driver leaves. We will always ensure that the items you ordered arrive undamaged however what happens within the courier delivery is out of our control. This means that you must inspect your items on delivery. If you find any significant damage to your item/s please inform the driver that you will be rejecting the delivery and do not sign to accept the goods. 

If you accept faulty goods and do not follow the above requirements and wish to return the items after the driver has left a return fee of £150 will occur. 

Please ensure someone is at the property to receive & inspect the goods on your delivery day. 

If there is no one at the property to check, receive and sign for the order, this will result in a re-delivery charge of £150.

All items delivered by pallet will require a hard flat ground for unloading by the courier.

Pallet access to property: It is your responsibility to ensure that there will be clear access to your property for unloading. All items delivered by pallet will require a hard and flat ground to be unloaded by the courier. Once unloaded, you are then responsible for your items thereafter.

If you have any questions about getting a pallet delivered, please contact us on 07535 413 113

6. Collection & Shipping Times

All items ordered for a nationwide delivery are picked and packed as swiftly as we can. From the moment you place your order to when we have picked and packed and arranged a courier is usually about 1 day to organise amongst us. A courier will collect your parcel the next day after being arranged to collect. 

For Kerbside pallet delivery, we operate on a Monday - Friday working day delivery schedule. Delivery is next day and we will contact you with updates along the way about the progress of your delivery. If you were to order a pallet on a Friday, your items will not ship until the following Monday and be delivered on Tuesday. This ensures that (plants especially) remain in our care for the longest time possible and arrive to you as fresh as possible.