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What's The Best Wood To Burn In My Log Burner?


When it comes to using a log burner, choosing the right type of wood is crucial for optimal performance and efficiency. The type of wood you burn can affect the heat output, burn time, and even the cleanliness of your log burner. Today we will explore the different types of wood and help you determine the best wood to burn in your log burner.

Hardwood vs. Softwood

Before we dive into specific types of wood, it's important to understand the difference between hardwood and softwood. Hardwood comes from deciduous trees like oak, maple, and birch, while softwood comes from evergreen trees like pine, spruce, and fir.

Choosing the Right Wood:

When choosing the best wood for your log burner, consider the following factors:

  • Heat Output: Hardwoods generally have a higher heat output and longer burn time compared to softwoods.
  • Burn Time: If you're looking for a longer burn time, opt for hardwoods like oak or maple.
  • Availability: Availability is key to getting a good price on your wood. Supply and demand will effect availability, so stocking up early is always a good idea
  • Sustainability: We only offer sustainably sourced Kiln Dried Hardwood in our range but you should always look to buy sustainable and responsibly sourced wood.
  • Ash Content: Hardwoods tend to produce less ash compared to softwoods, resulting in less frequent cleaning of your log burner.

Best Softwoods for Log Burners

Softwoods are generally less dense than hardwoods, but they can still be a good option for log burners. They also make as great wood for kindling or getting your fire started before using hardwood. Here are some of the best softwoods to consider:

  • Pine: Pine is a popular softwood choice due to its easy availability and quick ignition. It produces a pleasant aroma but burns faster than hardwoods.
  • Spruce: Spruce is another softwood that burns well in log burners. It provides a good amount of heat but burns relatively quickly.
  • Fir: Fir is known for its high resin content, which makes it burn hot and fast. It can be a good option for starting a fire quickly.

Best Hardwoods for Log Burners

Hardwoods are known for their density and slow-burning properties, making them ideal for log burners. Here are some of the best hardwoods to consider:

  • Oak: Oak is a good but expensive choice for log burners due to its high heat output and long burn time. It produces a steady flame and provides excellent warmth. It tends to be a bit more pricey than other typical firewood.
  • Maple: Maple is another hardwood that burns well in log burners. It produces a steady heat and a pleasant aroma.
  • Birch: Birch is a very popular choice for log burners, known for its bright flames and high heat output. Birch can burn slightly faster however it provides great heat output and is also relatively cheap due to its abundance.


Choosing the right wood for your log burner is essential for efficient and enjoyable heating. Hardwoods like oak, maple, and birch are excellent choices for their high heat output and long burn time. Softwoods like pine, spruce, and fir can also be suitable options, (for kinding!) especially if you're looking for quick ignition. Consider factors such as heat output, burn time, availability, sustainablity and ash content when making your decision. Happy burning!

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