Johnsons Quick Lawn Grass Seed

Johnsons Quick Lawn Grass Seed

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Johnsons Quick Lawn Grass Seed 525g

Sowing Rates: 7-14 Days

New lawn: 35g per sq.metre

Overseeding: 25g per sq.metre

Features of Johnsons Quick Lawn Grass Seed 525g:

  • Quick to establish
  • Less mowing
  • Child, pet & environmentally friendly
  • 50% extra free

From Johnsons:

Using only top varieties, Quick Lawn combines a superb fine leaved appearance with excellent wear tolerance and it benefits from the special seed dressing Accelerator. Applied to grass seed, Accelerator attracts beneficial bacteria in the soil to the grass roots to further the establishment. Accelerator is child and pet friendly.

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