Buxus Hedge (50cm)
Buxus Hedge (50cm)
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Buxus Hedge (50cm)

Buxus Hedge (50cm)

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Buxus Hedge (50cm)

Buxus are the staple of all topiary plants making for excellent modern additions to any garden. These plants can be placed anywhere in the garden, shade, partial sun or full sun!

Measures Height: 50cm Width: 40cm

Features of Buxus Hedge (50cm)

  • Evergreen 
  • Fully Hardy
  • Perfect for a low established hedge
  • Easy To Maintain

Buxus DO'S & DON'TS


  • Plant in well drained soil by mixing gravel into your soil.
  • Water often ESPECIALLY in the summer as Buxus will never look dry.
  • Feed your Buxus with an all purpose liquid feed OR a Buxus specific feed.
  • Clip your Buxus with scissors, shears or secateurs to maintain their shape.


  • Do not water foliage if in DIRECT SUNLIGHT as this can burn the foliage
  • Do not give your Buxus too much water in the winter time as the soil can become water logged.
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